The Colorado Advertising Agency That Wins Customers

That most people never learn how to actually have cash flow he’s in the real estate game yes I know look at that look he gets on his face right I like watching my money work for me yeah and he’s in the RV sector so he’s is Colorado advertising agency.

The income property yes but he’s in a different space than I’m in and so anyway we’re gonna happen today on power players gonna be awesome these shows also gonna be on iTunes stitcher YouTube wherever you’re watching make sure you follow jay-z speaks you got to regret that a little bit right jay-z speak on the ojz the original Jane say.

Colorado advertising agency

He’s the original jay-z and it’s gonna be a great show today so we’ll see you here just a second hey grant car down here welcome to power players every week I bring you someone in power somebody that’s got power like.

This the dude I’m gonna bring you today he’s choking power out okay he’s got a freaking it’s gonna tap out on him right now Jordan’s them then awesome dude right here let me just tell everybody what you’ve done founder chairman and architect I like that oh it’s doing Zimmerman would add that word in there architect of Zimmerman advertising empire largest advertising agency in the world hey don’t be intimidated by that the guy started with ten grand.

Okay so there was a time when he was doing green cards yes half Mounties probably doesn’t know what a green card is okay he opened his company he’s located right here in South Florida he is a South Florida’s business journal Diamond Award winner okay whatever that means Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year okay FAU business leader of.

The Year in inducted into the Horatio Alger Alger Association of distinguished Americans that is a true that’s a big deal big deal it is in the Supreme in the Supreme Court in the United States that’s awesome but the biggest deal forget the Supreme Court that I’m here with you he’s he’s on he’s on power players naturally are down and me and.

This guy have crossed like we’ve crossed paths up for years okay he stood he he had a big influence over the automotive space and before the show today.