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A breakdown of the electrical chemical gradients of the cells that leads to neuronal excitation the size iran’s are going to get excited and they’re going to start to die and not only to mention that if you don’t have good circulation to the brain then the little endothelial cells lining the blood brain barrier sure to open up things.

Are going to get in that we don’t want and then we’re going to stimulate fire up the microglial cells our immune system in the brain and then that’s going to create tremendous inflammation when they get fired up and then we get neuronal apoptosis so this is really pretty credible that through acupuncture we can do this and so we know.

That the kingdom Marine plasma improves the energetics ring through the meridians and I think that you know doing some kind of stimulation we’re going to show you some ways to stimulate the meridians very easily and with.

That said I just had to bring up from the last lecture since we are talking about the brain ah don’t forget that the molecular hydrogen the active h what we talked about as the merging therapeutic medical gas for degeneration and other diseases since we’re talking about the brain right so just talking about the brain we have to support.

The fact in the brain since most of you know the brain is mostly fat we want to use our phosphatidylcholine the pure pcs from Quicksilver scientific because this it’s the main possible it makes up your brain it rate and raising PC can increase memory and recall since we are talking about the brain we might as well talk about the liposomal b mention that and that’s that’s gonna help with the brain atrophy neurons rely heavily on b protects myelin sheaths around nerve protects brain pathways from degradation and so one of the things since we.

Did you know I know it deviate a little bit but I’m a practitioner like most of you out there and I’m always looking for solutions we can definitely know that the brain is % fat myself at this time I’m doing a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting.

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